Welcome to the medical practice of Dr. Vintler

I have been fascinated by the understanding of “holisticmedicine for years. Therefore, all the consultations and treatments done by me are built up on this  belief. Sports and movement have always been my companions. As a result, I have intensively dealt with nutrition and lifestyle. Without that, it would not have been possible for me to successfully finish twenty-one Ironman triathlons all around the world so far, besides other athletic performances. As I have always been fascinated by the “impossible”, I tried to explore new horizons also in the field of medicine. Thus, numerous years of further education have provided me with a big spectrum of complementary possibilities of treatment.

I see the human being as an individual, which means that there is the need to use individual strategies to reach the desired goals (health is also a goal).

All of my treatments take place in consideration of a holistic perspective on medicine.

Your health is very important to me!

“When it comes to my treatments, the focus is on the human being in its entirety – and therefore the holistic aspect of medicine is in the foreground. The cooperation and individual responsibility of my patient is an indispensable part of a successful relationship between doctor and patient.”

Dr. Meinhard Vintler 

It is the mind that builds the body. – Friedrich Schiller

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