Already thousands of years ago, people knew about the interdependence between body, spirit and soul. Models, like meridian science in traditional Chinese medicine explain those interrelations. I combine this knowledge with modern methods and therefore offer you individual health concepts and methods of treatment.

Adjunctive therapies for chronic diseases

The opportunities of possible complementary therapies already are virtually unlimited.  For a “layperson” however, the question of which methods are even reasonable, or more specifically appropriate for the individual problem,  might arise.

I am happy to advise you on the different approaches of these treatments and together with you we will find the appropriate strategies. It is not about “either/or” but rather about “as well as” – to be as successful as possible for you. As a result of my extensive further training, it is possible for me to provide you with the best advise possible – starting from A like aura surgery to Z Zahnsanierung (dental restoration).

Teeth and Body

The importance of dental health and the impact of malfunctions have been known all along. Models like meridian science in traditional Chinese medicine explain those interrelations.

In cooperation with Dr. Karoline Skorianz, I offer you extensive restructuring plans, which are adjusted to your problem. Especially when it comes to chronic diseases I recommend taking a look at the teeth as well. Special care needs to be given to the choice of materials and treatment methods.


If you feel pain in your “colon tooth” it does not necessarily mean that your colon hurts. However, a holistic point of view would mostly provide you with great findings. I am taking these findings into consideration, as those relations are not a one-way street. Chronic diseases are often rooted in the teeth.

Here you can find an overview on those interrelations

Orthomolecular Medicine

With the help of whole blood analyses, the level of vitamins, mineral substances and trace elements are being determined in order for an appropriate substitution to take place when necessary.

  • Timely recognition of deficiencies
  • Performance optimisation
  • Improved regeneration

Intestinal Repair (stool analyses, symbiosis control)

By now, the enormous importance of micro biomes (natural bacterial colonisation in the intestine) is well-known. From diabetes to excess weight to neurological diseases – the interrelations with an intact intestinal immune system are scientifically proven.

With the help of stool analyses a precise determination, which allow an individual intestinal repair, can be made.

Environmental Allergies (blood analyses and strategies for therapy)

We are confronted with pollutants on a daily basis. When there is the suspicion of a sensitisation or exposure a targeted analysis can take place. Especially in the field of tooth repair, cosmetics and supplements/medical products the contact with potential allergens is quite frequent.

The body might react in various ways. However, intolerance/sensitisation are mostly not recognised as this happens on a very subtle level.

Neural Therapy

Neural therapy is a holistic therapy method that includes the purposeful use of local anaesthetics to, for example, treat acute and chronic pains. The effect is not obtained through local anaesthetics, but through stimulation of the superordinate control circuits. The goal here is the self-healing of the organism via the vegetative nervous system, which is being stimulated by the injection of a short-time effective local anaesthetic.

This method can be used for a faster regeneration of sports injuries, for scar treatment and scar cosmetics.

Additionally, I use homeopathic complex remedies to stimulate regeneration. That way, impressive results can be obtained.

Anthroposophical Medicine

Every human being as such is, beside its physical presence, also a spiritual and mental being. This knowledge is the basis of anthroposophical medicine. To explain this, I like to compare it with a computer –  there, the hardware only works in combination in accordance with the software.

As a result of the anthroposophical conception of the human being, another extended understanding of health and illness derives. This understanding helps the human being as a whole to be satisfied in its unique nature with its therapy approaches.

Anthroposophical medicine also offers descriptive models of the development of the human beings in the different stages of life. Medical products (of homeopathic origin), remedies (eurythmy, art therapy, biography work) and external applications (baths, embrocation…) are being used for therapy.


Homotoxicology is an “extended” form of homeopathy.

According to the founder Hans Heinrich Reckeweg, all pathological processes that manifest as illnesses and therefore disturb the dynamic equilibrium of the organism (homeostasis) are being evoked by poisonous substances.

These homotoxins can either develop within the body (endogenic toxins) or are being brought into the body from the outside (exogenic toxins).

They disturb the physiological equilibrium and trigger a toxin defence within the body, that then imposes as an illness. Therefore, illness is the expression of the biological purposive toxin defence of the human organism. (Source: homotox.at)

Different homeopathic medical products, inter alia nosodes, are being used for therapy.

System Diagnostics according to Dr. Beisch

The initial method of electro acupuncture according to Voll (EAV) has been perfected by Dr. med. Kurt Beisch in the form of the so-called System diagnostics according to Dr. Beisch. By measuring the skin resistance on defined acupuncture points a virtual structure of the individual disease incident can be compiled. The disease incident can therefore be precisely treated with the help of homeopathic medical products, nosodes and organ preparations.

I was privileged to witness the impressing accuracy and effectiveness of this method in the form of spectacular treatment successes in my time as guest doctor for one entire year.

Aura Surgery

Aura surgery, also known as virtual surgery, as a form of “surgery” in the subtle body, which means in the energy field of the body. This treatment takes place only in the energy field of the body without any direct contact.

As a certified aura surgeon according to Gerhard Klügel I use this method in addition to all the possible conventional interventions (tooth extraction, accident trauma, sports injuries…).

Your specialist for holistic medicine

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