Lifestyle = Lebenstil

Your way of life significantly contributes to your health. Exercise, nutrition and consciousness raising are the building blocks when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Counselling and Food Testing

In the field of fitness and lifestyle medicine, the topic of nutrition plays a significant role. Nevertheless, a lot of the common approaches are not appropriate for everybody. Most of the times, one of the reasons for that circumstance are individual intolerances. Furthermore, “nutrient optimised” diets are not suitable for every type of constitution according to the 5-elements nutrition (TMC).

The testing of type III allergies through the blood provides information concerning a person’s individual intolerances and can therefore help reaching personal goals faster and easier – both when it comes to losing weight, as well as “shaping” the body.

Fitness Concepts and Exercise Planning

Not only is a higher performance healthy, it also brings a lot of joy. Customised according to your goals, I offer you the support needed to successfully achieve them.

Upon request, you will receive concepts for exercise and nutrition that are individually customised. The interaction of precise physical exercise and adjusted nutrition are the key to success. Most of the times, the right balance is hard to find but still not as complicated as one might think.

That way, enormous changes can be achieved through such simple measures.

Orthomolecular Medicine

The optimal supply with micro nutrients form a basis for a strong immune system, physical and mental fitness and most of all for beauty.

Mineral substances, vitamins and trace elements are, for instance, not only important for the physiological functions, but also for the supply of skin, hair and nails.

A whole blood analysis provides information about the “long-term memory” and indicated deficiencies, as well as appropriate substitution for this. Here again, the purity and quality of the substances used are pivotal for success.

Intestinal Repair

A healthy intestine brings about many benefits: a strong immune system, a great proportion of well-being and quality of life. Moreover, a healthy and beautiful skin appearance are rooted in a “nursed” intestine. In contrary, different problems can arise as a cause of reckless handling. A look at the opportunities and the “lifestyle” potential of an appropriate intestinal repair.

It is the mind that builds the body. – Friedrich Schiller

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