Holistic Sports Medicine

Actually, the best medicine is physical exercise in combination with a healthy nutrition. In competitive sports, more specifically high-performance sports, the body needs to meet higher demands as in health sports. Unfortunately, there is still the wide-spread opinion that high-performance sports causes damage to the body. By means of a conscious approach towns and the implementation of new findings, this does not have to be the case. Many athletes already begin to rethink and avoid harmful measures, which also includes doping. Because of my long-standing experience in the field of high-performance sports, I know everything about the requirements concerning the body, the mind and the spirit. If not all of those “aspects” about the human being are in harmony, the performance will suffer.

The possibilities of therapy, consultation and mentoring in the field of sports are various.

… and what about a holistic increase in performance?

Optimal performance is dependent on various factors. The difference between the first and the second place is only a few seconds or even hundredths in many types of sports. Often, athletes do not use their full potential due to lack of knowledge and thus they lose valuable regeneration time, or rather are not able to work at optimum strength. Moreover, even in the development of children and juvenile athletes many omissions can happen. Wrong measures (illness, nutrition, teeth and so on) can even cause physiological processes to be inhibited. The possibilities for individual improvement stem from a detailed anamnesis.

Recognising deficiencies and the optimum supply of the body (with the help of supplements, change of diet or intestinal repair, if necessary) builds the basis in the physical field. Since the “spirit” also plays a major role in the performance potential of the human being, enormous potentials will result, which need to be used.

Clean Sports Medicine

  •  Consultation on individual health problems and preparation of health and treatment concepts on a complementary basis
  • Homeopathic therapies
    • in the case of infection
    • in the case of injuries
    • in the case of pain
    • for regeneration purposes
  • Concomitant treatment of sports injuries
    • Neural therapy
    • Homeopathic injections
    • Photons laser
    • Manual methods
    • Aura surgery
  • Performance optimisation through
    • Testing for food intolerances
    • Orthomolecular medicine: determination of vitamins, mineral substances and trace elements, as well as appropriate substitution when necessary
    • Appropriate supplementation: preparation of intake concepts
    • ethereal remedy of blockades (energetics)
  • Special immunology (borrelia, EBV (glandular fever), as well as their holistic therapy
  • Appropriate dental restoration (focus diagnostics and material intolerances in cooperation with Dr. Skorianz, dentist)

Nutrition Counselling and Food Testings

The “proper” nutrition in the field of sports has always been a huge topic. Especially when it comes to high-performance and professional sports, this enormously important part should not be neglected. To use one’s full potential, not only the individual immunological incompatibilities and intolerances should be known, but also some basic rules of the TCM/5 elements nutrition should be taken into consideration. Frequently, allergies remain unnoticed due to a lack of symptoms.

When the nutrient uptake works properly, the regeneration time, as well as the performance can be increased.

Orthomolecular Medicine

There is no need to explain the importance of a micro nutrients balance. With the help of whole blood analyses a precise determination takes place, which helps detecting possible deficiencies in time. Hence, an appropriate substitution can then help improving the regeneration and performance.

When using supplements (dietary supplements) the quality and purity (additives) of the products used are of great importance. There are enormous differences between products that seem to be the same.

Neural Therapy

Neural therapy is applied in sports medicine mainly to treat injuries and pains. Furthermore, various (also chronic) diseases can be treated by activating the nervous system. The advantage in doing so means that the use of xylocaine assuredly is “doping-free”. The use of cortisone and NSAR can be waived. Supportingly, I like to use various remedies from complex homeopathy to improve the effect.

Intestinal Repair (Stool analyses, symbiosis control)

The importance of the micro biome (intestinal flora, intestinal bacteria) increasingly gains in importance in medicine. This enormous importance of a healthy intestinal system should not be disregarded by athletes. The entire immune system benefits from an intact digestion. An exact analysis leads to an appropriate rehabilitation concept. No matter if there are pains or not, this examination could uncover unnoticed deficiencies which could have a negative impact on the performance.

Exercise Counselling and Training Plans

  • In cooperation with professional trainers
  • From health sports to high-performance sports
  • Individual fitness concepts
  • Marathon, half-marathon
  • Triathlon/Ironman

Support of individual athletes, support of associations, support of teams, lectures

  • Handling of projects (training periods)
  • Support of teams
  • Support of individual athletes
  • Lectures and individual workshops

to the topics:

  • Nutrition
  • Micro nutrients/Supplements
  • Teeth and high-performance sports
  • Holistic medicine and high-performance sports
  • Energetics and high-performance sports
  • Team and system
  • and much more

Upon request!

Prescribing nothing sometimes is an excellent kind of medicine. (Hippokrates)

It is the mind that builds the body. – Friedrich Schiller

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